The framework without the franchise

The idea is a full service software as a system platform designed to run an entire real estate office, from start-up to well established offices. I worked with a small team of 3: the art director, back-end developer and myself, the front end developer. It was a large project but we broke it off into manageable chunks.


There are two ways to get into the system. You either set up an office, or you're invited into an office. Once you have an account, you're in the system and can move from office to office or start your own office. For office owners, there is a unique process for setting your company up that walks you through the necessary steps to making your business work on the platform.

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Inside the system

Once your office is set up, it's time to get rolling! Users can chat with fellow members of the team via the threads, create dynamic marketing pages for properties and custom links for your office.

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Home page

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